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Sharing Smiles with everyone we meet.

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Sharing A Smile Project

The Sharing A Smile Project is simply sharing smiles.  We have stickers and other items with a smile on it to share with others. Our goal is to make people smile.

Want to Share Smiles?

Would you like to Share Smiles too?  Order your Free Stickers.  Yes, Free.  No shipping,  no handling and no catch.

Order up to 10 stickers free.

We have received so many requests for larger number of stickers.  We have added 25, 50 and 100 size sticker packs for sale on our store.

More SharingASmile items to come.

**Due to overwhelming response we are limiting Free sticker orders to 10 stickers per household.


Share Your Smile Story

Did you receive a smile from SharingASmile.com?  Do you have a story to share?  Send us your written, video or picture story.  

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Where in the World?

SharingASmile.com was born in San Antonio, Texas.  One of the biggest events in SA is Fiesta.  A two week long celebration featuring Music, Food and Drink.  One of the highlights of Fiesta are the Parades.  Two of the biggest in the country,  Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau Parades.

The parades are filled will Marching bands and beautiful floats.  Atop the floats are Fiesta Royalty, Young People who spend their time raising money for various charities.  Many of the young ladies wear beautiful elaborate gowns.  These young ladies have to stand for hours in the same spot, as you can imagine their feet hurt after awhile.  The gowns they wear are long and cover their feet and their shoes.  

The spectator tradition is to shout to the young ladies atop the float as they go by "SHOW US YOUR SHOES"!  The young ladies oblige by showing off their shoes, which can range from cowboy boots to elaborately decorated tennis shoes or sandals. Here's a link if you're curious.


Since we started this project we have often wondered where are the stickers are going?  What do all the countries and cities look like?  Where are people putting their stickers?  Who are they going to?  Are they making people Smile?

With over 7,500 stickers sent out all over the world to over 1,000 people we are starting a SHOW US YOUR STICKERS Campaign.  Post them to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or email them to us with a caption of where it is taken. email to mystory@sharingasmile.com


Check out our picture gallery on the Smile Stories Page.  Pictures we get from all over the world from people SharingASmile.    

Mika the SharingASmile Mascot!
Mika the SharingASmile Mascot!

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