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About Us

SharingASmile is born

I was sitting in a Hotel Lobby people watching while waiting for a delivery. I suddenly became very aware of everyone around me, their moods, feelings and thoughts.  It made me realize that the smallest things can effect people. It made me wonder if there was something I could do to make people smile, if even for a moment. I tend to smile at people as I pass them or sit near them.  These days so many people are distracted by technology they don't even notice others. 

One morning a few days later, I was home and in between sleep and wake, my mind bouncing around about what I could do.  I suddenly had a vision.  I was walking around handing out smiles to strangers and their reactions were amazing. I was making people smile and I could feel their mood shift. I jumped out of bed and did a google search for SharingASmile.com and to my surprise no one was using it. Excited, I woke up my husband and shared my vision with him and it made him smile. Later that morning we decided to float the idea past the teen agers in our home.  We thought this would be the ultimate test and it made them smile. SharingASmile.com was born.