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Featured Smile Story for September

World Suicide Prevention Day Sept. 10

I received a story from a SharingASmile.com Sticker recipient that really tugged at my heart strings.  I always thought about SharingASmile.com as a way to make people that are in the gloom of everyday life Smile.  I never thought that the stickers could change the mind of someone contemplating Suicide.  I hesitated to share the story at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized I had to share it, maybe it would help someone else.  

Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Here is an edited version of the story we received:

We received a Smile Story the other day from 8,300 miles/13,000 kilometers away from SharingASmile.com headquarters, the longest distance so far.  The Story made us Happy and Sad at the same time.  A young lady reached out from Australia and had been having a really bad day.  She was contemplating doing the unthinkable. During this time, the mail arrived, and her order of free SharingASmile.com Stickers was in the stack.  She goes on to explain that the stickers made her happy and made her Smile and that is why she is here today.  

We want everyone to know, SharingASmile.com is about making people Smile.  It is that simple, there’s no catch.  We hope you share Smile Stickers with others to make them Smile.  We hope that the Smiles you share turn a bad day into a better day for someone.  We hope that if you are happy, sad, sick or whatever the case may be, the Stickers remind you that there is a family in San Antonio, Texas that cares and wants to make you Smile.  

I heard a story about a researcher that challenged people to Smile at someone and see how very few people would not Smile back. The results were amazing, no one could resist Smiling back.  If you share a genuine Smile with someone it is almost impossible for them not to Smile back. The act of Smiling is contagious, even the thought of Smiling can make you Smile.  SharingASmile.com Smile Stickers are to remind you of that.

Remember we all have good days and bad days.  If you are struggling reach out to your Friends, Family or call a Hotline, I found lots of resources by searching on-line. 

We send a virtual hug to our new friend on the other side of the world…An amazing young lady who was brave enough to Share her Smile Story.  #WSPD